“This debut Canadian crime novel by Dietrich Kalteis is edgy and energetic—a scurrilous journey into the dark side of Canada’s seven-billion-dollar pot industry. — A recommended read by 49th Shelf




The Deadbeat Club is the Vancouver crime novel that I’ve always been hoping someone would write, an Elmore Leonard inflected, witty plunge into the vernacular and particular shape of drug crime and culture in the area. — The National Post




If you like hard sex, tough talk, motorcycles, guns and boys with toys, this is your meat.                                       — The Globe and Mail





This caper quickly turns into a cinematic adventure, and descriptions of saloons and bawdy houses of ill repute add smoke-fills-your-nose realism.                       — Kirkus Review





In this delicately violent portrait of the outsider, Kalteis infuses in each and every character, however repulsive and suspect, an undeniable humanity.”         — Joe Clifford, author of the Jay Porter Series




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